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Fears of new war rise around separatist Abkhazia – Yahoo! News

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The crackle of gunfire at night makes sleep all but impossible along Georgia’s border with separatist Abkhazia, feeding the fears of so many here that the war they hoped was over may be erupting anew.A cease-fire ended major hostilities between Georgia and Russia after August’s five-day war. But shootings and bombings continue — and nowhere more so than here along the poorly defined, porous border that separates Georgia proper from Abkhazia.

Most of the world’s attention has focused on the uneasy peace around war-ravaged South Ossetia, the other Russian-backed separatist region that was at the heart of the fighting.But Georgians who live along the border with the rugged mountainous region of Abkhazia in western Georgia are terrified that a new war is at hand. They fear the latest violence is aimed at driving them from their homes so Abkhaz forces can sweep in unopposed to take their land.”We live under constant fear,” said Eros, a 50-year-old, out-of-work man. He refused to give his last name, saying he was afraid of retaliation from Abkhaz paramilitaries who move across the border with impunity.

Fears of new war rise around separatist Abkhazia – Yahoo! News

Well, Russia continues his vengeance for the NATO missiles


Written by Claudia

November 1, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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