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Indian Jihad in Assam

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The Government will not admit this, but the jihadis have succeeded in their diabolical aim of creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear across the country. No city, no State is immune to this. Even if explosions haven’t happened in Kerala yet, it doesn’t mean that terror merchants don’t have the State on their radar.
Some 300 persons are believed to have been indoctrinated there already. Intelligence agencies, as usual in the dark, stumbled upon this startling fact only when two Kerala-born militants were gunned down in an encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.
From Idduki to Imphal, Kargil to Kanniya Kumari, India lives in trepidation. It is already being compared to jihadi-infested Iraq, Afghanistan and even Pakistan. With nearly 1,000 innocent civilians lost so far this year, and 18,360 total deaths from terrorist depredations in the country (excluding J&K) over the last decade, India has probably overtaken the tally of deaths in those countries.

Jihad by Muslims, now pan India phenomenon, they are killing Hindus at will all over India « Islamic Terrorism in India

This, related with the explosions in India which at least 70 people were killed, have led PM Mohamed Singh to state “No compromise on terrorism“:

During a brief interaction with the media at Guwahati Medical College and Hospital, Singh said the UPA government was not soft on terror and would do everything possible to fight it. “We will take effective measures against whosoever is responsible for the dastardly acts. If other governments are involved in it, we will take up the matter with them. We will also look into the clues that we have collected during the investigations,” he said.

Those Governments involved are Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Written by Claudia

November 2, 2008 at 11:10 am

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