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Singing “Kill the Christians” is not discriminatory nor hateful

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Alberta HRC: Christians have no “human rights” – Ezra Levant

In a nutshell, Quintin Johnson was browsing for CDs at Music World in Red Deer — the same city Rev. Boissoin was from, actually. Johnson came across a band called “Deicide”, whose album contained a song called “Kill the Christian”.

(I’m copying just a part of it):

Armies of darkness unite

Destroy their temples and churches with fire

Where in this world will you hide

Sentenced to death, the anointment of Christ

In due time your path leads to me

Put you out of your misery

The death of prediction

Kill the Christian

Kill the Christian, dead!

(When it was denounced) what did Comrade Andreachuk say?

…while the content and tone of the communications appear on the face of them to be discriminatory, there is very little vulnerability of the target group. The expressions used do not reinforce existing stereotypes, nor do the messages appeal to well-publicized issues. More importantly, however, the medium used to convey the message is extremely suspect, lacks credibility and has a small circulation. The context of the publication is not presented as a debate or any purportedly authoritative analysis and the target group is not vulnerable as, in order for the group to receive the message, the purchase of these would be by an extremely limited audience and only an audience seeking to receive messages such as those conveyed.

(…) Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that the filth in Music World should be illegal. I don’t think it quite meets the test of incitement to murder — though it’s hard to imagine what more would be necessary. But I wonder if, instead of saying “Kill the Christian”, it said “Kill the Jews” or “Kill the Blacks” or “Kill the gays”. You could imagine Comrade Andreachuk going nuclear. Well, no need to imagine — just look at what she did to Rev. Boissoin for merely preaching peacefully.

Thanks to BCF.

I don’t think any comments are needed…

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Written by Claudia

November 3, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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