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Israel accuses North Korea of supplying Mideast with arms and nuclear technology

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Israel has accused North Korea of supplying at least half a dozen Mideast governments with nuclear technology or conventional arms.

World powers at a 145-nation Vienna meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency at the same time urged North Korea to stop reactivating its weapons-producing atomic programme.

The comments focused on North Korea’s black market role and its reversal of a commitment to mothball its nuclear activities in exchange for trade and security guarantees.

In the latest setback, US chief negotiator Christopher Hill returned Friday to South Korea from a three-day trip to the North to try to salvage a six-party disarmament pact after North Korea reversed the dismantling of its nuclear facilities. He was hoping to draw the government in Pyongyang back to the negotiating table with an offer of a face-saving compromise.

US State Department spokesman Robert Wood in Washington told reporters the North was still moving previously stored equipment from its nuclear facilities back to its original location.

In Vienna, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea urged the North to honor its nuclear pledge, shortly before the gathering — the IAEA general conference — passed a resolution expressing the same sentiments.

via Israel accuses North Korea of supplying Mideast with arms and nuclear technology – Times Online


North Korea indicated on Wednesday it would not let international nuclear inspectors remove nuclear samples from its plant that makes arms-grade plutonium, a move which could hamper international disarmament efforts.

Separately, the United States said it had purchased 50,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil to be shipped to North Korea, although a U.S. official acknowledged that the Bush administration had disagreements with Pyongyang on verification.

So… what next??


Written by Claudia

November 13, 2008 at 12:20 am

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