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Security guards flee as pirates seize ship

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Somali pirates on Friday seized a specialist tanker after a desperate defence by unarmed security guards in what was thought to be the first attack on a ship with its own deterrent on board.

The pirates’ success will raise fresh concerns about the value of using security guards to protect ships in the dangerous sea lanes between Somalia and Yemen, where most of the 40 vessel seizures reported this year have taken place.

The three guards, all ex-Royal Marines, came under a hail of fire from half a dozen pirates using AK-47 rifles and rocket propelled grenades.

They kept the pirates at bay for more than an hour using hoses, evasive action and a sound device that deafens attackers.

But eventually the team were forced to escape by jumping off the bridge roof to be picked up by a French rescue helicopter. / Africa – Security guards flee as pirates seize ship

Are we sooo idiot as to send UNARMED security guards to defend a ship from pirates?

It looks we are…


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November 28, 2008 at 7:10 pm

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