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Italian terrorist plot: 2 Moroccans Arrested

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World Briefing – Europe – Italy – 2 Arrested in Plot for Terrorist Attacks –

The police in Milan arrested two Moroccan-born men on Tuesday on charges of plotting terrorist attacks against Italian targets, including a police barracks and a supermarket. Rachid Ilhami, 31, and Abdelkader Ghafir, 42, have lived in Italy for a decade and in recent weeks acquired materials to make explosives, the police said. They said the two were not tied to international groups but were believed to have admired the work of Al Qaeda. The arrests followed a two-year investigation that relied on surveillance of the men’s phones, cars and the Islamic cultural center they frequented outside Milan.

10 years??? So, they had actually been living for long thre.


Written by Claudia

December 3, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Posted in Islamism, terrorism

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