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Spain: II Islamic Congress finishes in Melilla

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Alí Mesnaoui, (…) explained, in his conference “Science’ basis in Islam”, that this religion “socialised science”. In fact, he informed that science, who had always been a priviledge for aristocrats and priests, transformed into something common for all people [thanks to Islam] (?). Islam reached everyone after the contact with civilizations such as Greek, Indian or Chinese ones.

Surely science reached everyone with Islam: that’s why Islamic societies are so advanced… 😦


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July 4, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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Priest uncovering beginnings of Final Solution

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a Catholic priest named Patrick Desbois (..) says he has interviewed more than 800 eyewitnesses and pinpointed hundreds of mass graves strewn around dusty fields in the former Soviet Union. The result is a book, “The Holocaust by Bullets,” and an exhibition through March 15 at New Yorks Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Brought to Ukraine by a twist of fate, Desbois has spent seven years trying to document the truth, honor the dead, relieve witnesses of their pain and guilt and prevent future acts of genocide.

Some 1.4 million of Soviet Ukraines 2.4 million Jews were executed, starved to death or died of disease during the war. Another 550,000-650,000 Soviet Jews were killed in Belarus and up to 140,000 in Russia, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Most of the victims were women, children and the elderly.

It’s about time to speak about USSR’s crimes, mainly those committed by the Gulag’s administration and, yes, those against Jewish people living there.

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February 1, 2009 at 9:48 am

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A very slow suicide

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Words associated with Christianity, the monarchy and British history have been dropped from a leading dictionary for children.

Oxford University Press has removed words like “aisle”, “bishop”, “chapel”, “empire” and “monarch” from its Junior Dictionary and replaced them with words like “blog”, “broadband” and “celebrity”. Dozens of words related to the countryside have also been culled.

The publisher claims the changes have been made to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society.

But academics and head teachers said that the changes to the 10,000 word Junior Dictionary could mean that children lose touch with Britain’s heritage.

via Mindful Hack: How NOT to build a multicultural society ….

Thanks to BCF.

This is indeed a terrible suicide…

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December 9, 2008 at 12:26 am

The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster by Richard J Evans review

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Killing people in large numbers presents formidable logistical problems, as any mass murderer can testify. Richard J Evans remarks of Hitler’s slaughter of the Jews that no other genocide in history has been conducted by mechanical means – gassing – in purpose-built facilities. More recent amateurs in Bosnia and Zimbabwe have had to make up their massacres as they went along.

Nazis who found themselves obliged to dispose of some people without the aid of German industry’s gas experts were distressed by the difficulties. “I always shuddered at the prospect of carrying out exterminations by shooting, when I thought of the vast numbers concerned,” said SS officer Rudolf Höss. “Many [of the killers], unable to endure wading through blood any longer, had committed suicide. Some had even gone mad. Most … had to rely on alcohol.”

Even Germany’s civil prisons faced challenges, as executions for criminal offences soared during the war years. It proved necessary to abandon refinements such as the guillotine in favour of simple hangings. Death rows became overcrowded. New executioners were hired, most recruited from the butchery and slaughterhouse trade. One veteran later claimed that between 1924 and 1945 he had dispatched more than 2,800 alleged offenders.

via The Third Reich at War: How the Nazis Led Germany from Conquest to Disaster by Richard J Evans review | Non-fiction book reviews – Times Online

Lord, how terrible it seems that some people work sooo much only to produce pain.

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October 13, 2008 at 7:34 pm