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French L’Express banned in Morocco and Moroccan Le Matin critisizes Bush

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The highly respected French weekly L’Express on Monday protested the Moroccan government’s ban of its latest issue on the grounds that it insulted the Islamic religion.

L’Express assistant editor-in-chief Christian Makarian said he “could not understand” last Friday’s decision by the Moroccan information minister to prohibit shipment of the magazine into the country.

via French weekly protests Moroccan ban of religious issue | EuropeNews

Also, the unofficial newspaper from Mohammed VIth, the Moroccan king, has written this about Bush:

This Thursday’s election means a rekection of this apocaliptical management from an administration who has preferred the evangelism as a basis to their decisions than reason.

But this election does not erase the nightmares nor restitutes their lives to the young American soldiers who were killed in the “antiterrorist” wars, in name of that sinister “The West and the rest” which Samuel Huntington’s book about the clash of civillizations has believes it was illustrating.

An inheritance like that means a lot for any people, for any country and for many people.

Magnificent for someone who was named as US preferred ally by Bush, isn’t it? And it’s also very significant this has been published today, election day in US…

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Written by Claudia

November 4, 2008 at 9:05 pm

Spain: Maghrebi gangs assaulting trains?

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“People don’t know it, but complete trains are being assaulted by gangs of 30 Maghrebies who hang stones from bridges to throw them into the driver’s cabin. We are seizing swords, crossbows, daggers”, a private watch-man states.

¿Hay bandas de magrebíes que asaltan trenes enteros de Renfe?

No one has confirmed or denied these reports. So is this true or not?

Written by Claudia

November 4, 2008 at 10:59 am

Kenya: Report Accuses Top Officials from Odinga’s Party for Post-Elections Ethnic Violence

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A government-sponsored commission in Kenya has accused a number of top-level officials of inciting and funding ethnic violence in the country that left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced following disputed elections late last year.

The report, which was embargoed by a separate government commission, was leaked to It makes allegations against 219 persons, including many government ministers.

Their names are included in the “Schedule of Alleged Perpetrators,” a 54-page appendix to the report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, or KNCHR, on violence related to the country’s December 2007 elections.

Most of the accused are supporters of the Orange Democratic Movement, or ODM, whose leader, Raila Odinga, nonetheless supported the establishment of a tribunal to try those politicians responsible for inciting the post-election violence. Odinga, who is not accused, belongs to the Luo tribe.

via – Report Accuses Top Officials for Post-Elections Ethnic Violence in Kenya – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News

So Odinga followers have been accused of Kenyan violence. And do you know who is Odinga’s cousin? Yes, he is… and Odinga himself was accused of racial cleaning.

Oh, yeah, how many MSM are going to report on this? Hmm, let me think…

Anti-Israeli Censorship in Spain:  El Pais Closes “Stop Islamisation” Blog

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The issue at hand is the closure of the “Stop Islamisation” blog at the El Pais online community after the blog accepted a prize for showing “Solidarity with Israel.” It is an act of censorship which I regard as wholly unwarranted, given that there was no hateful speech, incitement to immoral conduct, or what could in any way be construed as a violation of the norms of conduct El Pais posts on its community site. No; this was an act of silencing pro-Israeli speech within Spain and on the web. That is an outrage.

By way of a personal note I wish to add, the “Stop Islamisation” movement in Europe represents a multi-national effort to oppose actions among Muslims residing on the continent to take advantage of the tolerant attitudes of a multi-cultural Europe to implement Sharia law within their communities, which frequently results in gross and overt violations of national law, constitutional rights, and what can only be described as human dignity. Just check out the Google search returns on “Stop Islamisation” if you want an idea as to the extent of this popular response among Europeans. It is widely-expressed speech that deserves its place within the popular consciousness.

via StJacques Online: A Freedom Blog: Anti-Israeli Censorship in Spain:  El Pais Closes “Stop Islamisation” Blog

The deleted blog is not back. Go over to the link above to read the rest.

Written by Claudia

October 21, 2008 at 11:45 pm

Hamas grip on Gaza, irreversible

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Hamas’ control of the Gaza Strip is now virtually complete.

Since the summer, the Islamic militants have silenced and disarmed their remaining opponents, filled the bureaucracy with their supporters, and kept Gaza’s economy afloat, even if just barely, despite a 16-month-old international embargo and border blockades by Israel and Egypt.

With nothing in sight to weaken Hamas’ grip, the political split between Gaza and the West Bank — the two territories meant to make up a future Palestinian state — looks increasingly irreversible.

That conclusion was also reached by the International Crisis Group, an independent think tank, in a September report describing Hamas’ ascendancy, and the split is one of the main obstacles to U.S. efforts to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

It weakens moderate President Mahmoud Abbas in the negotiations because he isn’t seen as speaking for Gaza. Israel, Abbas and the international community don’t want a deal that leaves out the 140-square mile Gaza Strip’s and its 1.4 million Palestinians. And it’s unlikely Israel would give up the West Bank as long as Hamas is in charge in Gaza.

via Hamas grip on Gaza hardens: peace outlook bleak – Yahoo News

So hard is reality that World Muslims have asked both Fatah and Hamas to “do their utmost to unite the Palestinians.

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Written by Claudia

October 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Argentinian media against Government censorship

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“Freedom of expression has been diminished by the reiterated episodes in which the political power charged against the MSM“. Argentinian press protests against the Government’s censorship and considers that “the conflictive relationship between the political power and the journalists aggravated with the long-lasting conflict about agriculture. The Government stigmatised the media and the journalists when they were maintaining ideas or versions which differed from the official. Those people were even considered as “enemies of the institutions”.

They also referred themselves to the reiterated critics made by the Argentinian president, Cristina Fernández and ex-president and her husband, Néstor Kichner (2003-2007), about the role of the press in the South-American country. “Our worries only deepened when we saw para-official speakers attacking MSM with publicity campaigns whose financing is unknown“.

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Written by Claudia

September 30, 2008 at 11:28 am

Breaking! Malaysian Blogger Jailed for Insulting Islam

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Written by Claudia

September 24, 2008 at 3:11 pm