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Hizbullah and Colombian drug-traffickers

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Colombia terminated a net dedicated to drug-trafficking and to money laundering in an international operation in which 111 people were detained, including three accused of sending money to Hizbullah, according to the General Prosecutor’s Office.

via Nihil Obstat: Hezbollah es finança amb diners de la droga de Colòmbia

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October 23, 2008 at 12:23 pm

Not Ready for my Burqua: The Growing Threat of Narco-Terror

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With a great deal of attention focused of late on Hizbullah’s extensive arms buildup, little heed has been paid to yet another dangerous development taking place across the northern border: the resurgence of the drug trade in Lebanon.

Without much fanfare, the Shi’ite terrorist group has been presiding over an increase in the cultivation and production of illicit crops such as opium and hashish in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

And though the extent of the drug trafficking is still well below the levels reached during the heyday of the 1980s, it is nonetheless on the upswing once again.

That alone should have policymakers both in Israel and the West concerned, if only because the lucrative narcotics trade plays such an important role in financing Hizbullah’s network of terror and mayhem.

Not Ready for my Burqua: The Growing Threat of Narco-Terror.

Wherever there is a terror network, drug traffic appears: looks at Afghanistan… Yes, there are places where the incidency of drugs is not so important (Iraq) but that’s because the money coming from drugs is somwhere else (Afghanistan, Central Asia, Morocco…).

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August 2, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Bad news from Mexico

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Bad news indeed. Because Mexican democracy is under threat from Mexican drug cartels. And Mexican drug cartels are working with Islamic radicals:

“Information from intelligence and investigations on narcoterrorism that we have carried out identifies ties between Mexican narcotics traffickers, [and] those of the Philippines and Colombia, with elements belonging to foreign organizations designated as terrorists by the [U.S.] Department of State,” the NDIC document indicates. Based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the NDIC document emphasized: “The results of 74 investigations of narcoterrorism that have been carried out by the Special Operations Division of the DEA document that Islamic groups present on the common border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay launder money, sell arms and traffic drugs of the main Mexican criminal organizations. “

The document indicates that the majority of the Islamic groups represented in South America are tied to the Palestinians, and that they use their earnings gained from relationship with narcotics traffickers from Mexico and the rest of Latin America to finance their causes.

It identifies the groups Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Front, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as the Arab associates of narcotrafficking cartels from Mexico.

No relationship with Chávez for example?

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