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Malaysia: ‘Religious department to act against any blogger who insults Islam’

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PUTRAJAYA: The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) will take stern action against bloggers who insult Islam, including non-Muslims.

Its director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the department could act against irresponsible bloggers, regardless of their religious background.

“Right now, the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission are still trying to trace the blogger said to have insulted Prophet Muhammad.

“We will come in once the culprit is found,” he said.

Wan Mohamad also said there were bound to be “extremists” among religious followers or leaders in view of the country’s multi-ethnicity.

How sweet!!


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December 29, 2008 at 12:57 pm

Yemeni Comedian Chooses Jail Over Submission

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Yemeni comedian Fahd al-Qarni last appeared in the CRIME Report a few months ago, when he was sentenced to jail for a comedy sketch that indirectly mocked Yemen’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Now, after a grassroots campaign for his freedom and his own decision to stand strong in the face of pressure, Al-Qarni has just been released.

In July, al-Qarni was charged with “insulting Yemen’s president” and sentenced to 18 months in jail plus a $2,500 fine. But on September 11 a presidential order called for al-Qarni’s release – only prosecutors demanded he sign a pledge renouncing his controversial comedic work and promising to refrain from political activity. “I decisively refused to abandon one of my political rights guaranteed by the state-constitution, and preferred to stay in jail,” declared al-Qarni.

Last week, prosecutors backed down, releasing the comedian anyway. Al-Qarni, though, knows he may soon be back in the slammer. “Change comes from within prisons but not through dialogue,” he said after his release. “I left my blanket in prison so I may go back if people’s rights are not restored.”

C.R.I.M.E. Report – September 23, 2008.

Background here.

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September 24, 2008 at 1:28 pm

Canada: Islamists threatening censorship again

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Khaled Mouammar President of the Canadian Arab Federation has issued a call for the head of Corus Radio broadcaster Benoit Dutrizac for an interview that was conducted with Samira Laouni, the NDP/Islamist candidate for the riding of Montréal-Bourass.

Blazing Cat Fur: Islamists threatening censorship again….

Here we go again… The thing that mostly strike me EVER of these petitions, is that they ALWAYS accuse every critic of racism. Islamism is NOT a race, is an ideology.

On the other hand a rally has taken place, organized by Comics for Freedom. Tristan has written about it. Very refreshing…

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September 18, 2008 at 11:34 pm

Erdogan, Zapatero and the Alliance of Civilizations

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In a sign of his simmering anger about what he sees as baseless accusations against Islam in the West, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, has called on the international community to declare the enmity against Islam a “crime against humanity”.

Addressing Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, his Spanish counterpart, and about 2,500 other guests in Istanbul at a celebratory iftar meal on Monday, Mr Erdogan said: “No culture, no civilisation should belittle the other, despise the other or see the other as an enemy.” […]

In the Alliance of Civilisations, Mr Erdogan has emerged as a leading representative of the Islamic countries, said Semih Idiz, a foreign policy columnist with the daily Milliyet. As a politician with roots in political Islam and leader of a party that has many pious Muslims among its voters, Mr Erdogan is very sensitive to what he sees as western prejudices towards Muslims, Mr Idiz said.

Jihad Watch: Turkish Prime Minister: “Islamophobia” a “crime against humanity”.

Meanwhile Zapatero is leading the defense of Turkey before the European Union:

(Zapatero) used his trip to Istambul to defend that EU needs Turks to achieve the “projection and the strategic leadership that today, in some cases, it does not have”. A vision that is not supported neither by French President, Sarkozy, nor German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

His insistence in the suitability of Turkish entry in the EU is related to his defense of the Alliance of Civilizations, an initiative that is seen by Erdogan with the same enthusiam as Zapatero. And it explains fully why the Prime Minister and leader of moderate Islamist political party AKP (Development and Justice) has invited Zapatero to the banquet by which Muslims break Ramadam’s fast.

(…) Rodríguez Zapatero, a so committed laicist that he provoked uneasiness in the Vatican when he refused to attend the Pope’s Mass in Valencia in July 2007, thanked Erdogan because of his “hospitality” and stated before nearly 2.500 people attending the banquet his will to enjoy of the celebration not as a “foreigner, but with the attitude of someone who is President of Spain, a country which is proud of the influence of Islam in our history and of its rich legacy in our language and in our artistic heritage”.

The ceremony was very simple. A supper which began with a prayer and ended with two speeches. Zapatero was also given a rug, similar to the one which is used for praying.

What would happen if Don John of Austria and the rest of Spanish people who fought at Lepanto would rise from the dead? Perhaps they would die again out of emotion

By the way, anyone seeing any contradiction between being a “convinced laicist” and attending an Islamic prayer?

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China Wants UN To Help Trace Sources On Internet

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So there won’t be any anonymity in the web:

“A United Nations agency is quietly drafting technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to define methods of tracing the original source of Internet communications and potentially curbing the ability of users to remain anonymous. The U.S. National Security Agency is also participating in the ‘IP Traceback’ drafting group, named Q6/17, which is meeting next week in Geneva to work on the traceback proposal. Members of Q6/17 have declined to release key documents, and meetings are closed to the public. The potential for eroding Internet users’ right to remain anonymous, which is protected by law in the United States and recognized in international law by groups such as the Council of Europe, has alarmed some technologists and privacy advocates. Also affected may be services such as the Tor anonymizing network.”

Slashdot | China Wants UN To Help Trace Sources On Internet.

Related posts: CHRC launches independent review on hate messaging on the internet h/t Larry Borsato. So the question is: what is hate messaging? Telling a member of the Governement “you’re an asshole”? Or considering Mohammed a pedophile?

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September 16, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Erraji Released

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These are really good news, but he shouldn’t have been condemned in the first place:

The court of appeals ruled on Thursday that the lower court had failed to respect certain legal procedures under the Press and Publication Law. The public prosecutors office did not object to Erajjis release.

Erraji Released : Committee to Protect Bloggers

Looks like the international pressure has done its work. For a background on this case, click here.

Moroccan blogger condemned to 2 years in prison and a fine for critisizing Moroccan king’s social policies

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Just a quick post on this subject as I feel this is a very important one. You can read about it in the Committee to Protect Bloggers. Global Voices Online has the translation to English of the article that carried Erraji to jail.

A Facebook group in his support has been set up and an online petition asking for his release is also available here.

More information at Mideast Youth.

h/t SP.

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September 11, 2008 at 6:43 am