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The results of appeasement

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Five years after March 11th, which made Spain a target of the Islamist terror, Interior Minister has stated that “Spain is now a source of Human Resources for future terrorists”, “situated in the 1st place in the ranking of their preferred recruitement’s places for Al-Qaeda in Europe, and, at the same time, it continues to be a target of international terrorism”.

Hmm, just tell this to Obama. Giving money to Hamas is not the solution cannot be considered a way to show respect for Muslims.


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February 7, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Hamas leader says he is ready to talk to Obama

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Hamas is ready to open talks with U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, who must deal with the Palestinian militant group if he wants to address the wider conflict in the Middle East, the group’s leader said in an interview broadcast Saturday.

Khaled Mashaal said that Hamas is ready for dialogue with Obama and his new administration “on the basis that the American administration respects our rights and our options.”

Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since seizing power by force in June 2007 from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement.

The administration of President George W. Bush has boycotted the Islamic militants, as has most of the international community. Hamas refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.

The American administration, if they want to deal with the region, Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, they have no other option than deal with Hamas because we are a real force on the ground, effective,” Mashaal told Sky News from Damascus, Syria.

via Hamas leader says he is ready to talk to Obama –

Great disposition to negotiate: menace with your force and announce you’re never going to change your positions…

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November 11, 2008 at 4:16 pm

Hamas passes on letter to captive Israeli soldier

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Palestinian militant group Hamas has passed on a “personal” letter to captive Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit from his family, his father Noam and a Hamas spokesman said on Friday.

It was the first letter to reach him from his family, although Schalit has been able to send a trickle of messages home since he was snatched by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid near Gaza in June 2006.

The letter was given to the soldier last month, Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha said.

Noam Schalit said the letter was “personal” and did not detail its contents.

via Hamas passes on letter to captive Israeli soldier – Yahoo! News

Just pray a little for him: he really needs it.

Written by Claudia

October 25, 2008 at 9:11 pm

Hamas grip on Gaza, irreversible

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Hamas’ control of the Gaza Strip is now virtually complete.

Since the summer, the Islamic militants have silenced and disarmed their remaining opponents, filled the bureaucracy with their supporters, and kept Gaza’s economy afloat, even if just barely, despite a 16-month-old international embargo and border blockades by Israel and Egypt.

With nothing in sight to weaken Hamas’ grip, the political split between Gaza and the West Bank — the two territories meant to make up a future Palestinian state — looks increasingly irreversible.

That conclusion was also reached by the International Crisis Group, an independent think tank, in a September report describing Hamas’ ascendancy, and the split is one of the main obstacles to U.S. efforts to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

It weakens moderate President Mahmoud Abbas in the negotiations because he isn’t seen as speaking for Gaza. Israel, Abbas and the international community don’t want a deal that leaves out the 140-square mile Gaza Strip’s and its 1.4 million Palestinians. And it’s unlikely Israel would give up the West Bank as long as Hamas is in charge in Gaza.

via Hamas grip on Gaza hardens: peace outlook bleak – Yahoo News

So hard is reality that World Muslims have asked both Fatah and Hamas to “do their utmost to unite the Palestinians.

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October 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Terrorism Financing Case Gets 2nd Trial

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The government’s largest terrorism financing case returned to a courtroom in Dallas this week as prosecutors once again try to secure criminal convictions against five men for allegedly raising more than $12 million in what investigators call “blood money” to support overseas suicide bombings.

The case against former leaders of the Holy Land Foundation, a Texas charity that authorities shuttered seven years ago because of its alleged links to the militant Palestinian group Hamas, comes nearly a year after a previous trial ended in disappointment for the government. Jurors acquitted one man outright on 31 charges and deadlocked on charges against the others. Senior U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish declared a mistrial in October 2007.

Terrorism Financing Case Gets 2nd Trial –

We will see how this ends.

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September 21, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Our friends, the Chinese

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After the magnificency of Chinese Olympic Games and the lack of world opposition to Chinese continous violation of Human Rights during them (if anyone voiced that opposition, he would be expelled from Chinese soil, now we get another news of what China is doing:

On August 21, they filed suit in Superior Court in Los Angeles, alleging that, beginning in July 2003, Bank of China transferred millions of dollars to help Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad. The moneys, originating in Iran and Syria as well as other places in the Middle East, were funneled through Bank of China branches located in the United States to a branch in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s Guangdong province. From there the funds were wired to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, where they were used “for the purpose of planning, preparing for and executing terrorist attacks” between May 2004 to January of last year.

The plaintiffs claim that in April 2005 Israeli counterterrorism officials met with officials from China’s central bank and the country’s Ministry of Public Security to demand an end to Bank of China’s role in the money transfers. The transfers, however, continued, according to the complaint in the case. The Chinese central bank denies the meeting ever took place.

Furthermore, Bank of China denies all of the plaintiffs’ allegations. “The accusation is absolutely groundless,” the bank said in a statement issued Wednesday. Wang Zhaowen, a spokesman for Bank of China in Beijing, said the bank “always complies with the United Nations’ anti-money-laundering regulations. Also, our New York branch and related representative offices always follow U.S. banking regulations.”

(…) Why is Bank of China involved in so many dubious activities? After the 1949 revolution, the bank became the financial window for the People’s Republic. Last decade, it formally gave up that specialized role but has remained the country’s main foreign exchange bank. This decade, Bank of China has sold large strategic stakes to foreign banking institutions and shares to the investing public, but the Chinese government still controls its operations. If Beijing deals with a rogue leader or terrorist somewhere in the world, it most always funnels cash through Bank of China, which has operations in about thirty nations.  The central government may say that it does not control the bank, but in reality it does.

Marvellous. So they have detained (and condemned to death and tortured) Uighur Muslims by claiming that they were “Islamic terrorists” and now it results that they are funneling money to Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad. And what do they think this people are? Solidarity crusaders? Or charity nuns?

So we must keep on asking what side of the Jihad is China on.

Written by Claudia

September 1, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Once again there is an “escalation” of violence in Gaza

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And Israelis are not the culprits:

The escalation proves once again that the word “fracture” is not strong enough to describe the Palestinian political situation. In a dual-world Palestine divided between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, there are different problems, different priorities, different governments and a deep divergence on the latest crisis.

Despite Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority efforts to keep business as usual, officials and observers fear the Gaza clashes could quickly spread to the West Bank and expose the ruling party’s internal divisions.

In Gaza, however, some analysts believe the Hamas military operation is being inflated by the foreign media and the instability is not as bad as it seems.

It was bad enough for more than 180 Palestinians — presumably Fatah members — who escaped the Strip and fled to Israel, following a special request from Fatah president Mahmoud Abbas to allow them to enter Israeli territory.

They had good reason to want to flee. Anyone taken prisoner by Hamas can expect harsh hospitality and a severe violation of human rights — and it’s not much better in the West Bank for Hamas activists. Last week, two human rights groups found that both groups have tortured prisoners, and that three prisoners have died in detention in Gaza and one in the West Bank.

Pajamas Media » Gaza’s Bloody Weekend.

But nothing of this makes the headlines….

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