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Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel – Yahoo! News

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Indian commandoes killed the last three gunman at a landmark hotel late Thursday and were sweeping another luxury hotel in search of hostages and trapped people after suspected Muslim militants stormed targets across Mumbai, leaving 119 people dead.
Meanwhile, eight hostages were freed from the headquarters of a Jewish outreach group, according to an official of the Maharashtra state home department, speaking on customary condition of anonymity. However, it was unclear if any others remained inside the ultra-orthodox Chabad Lubavitch offices.
Gunfire and explosions could be heard well into the night from the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, two of the city’s top gathering spots for the Mumbai elite, as well as at Jewish group’s center. Throughout the day, commandoes brought hostages, trapped guests and corpses from the hotels in small groups.
The gunmen’s main targets appeared to be Americans, Britons and Jews, though most of the dead seemed to be Indians and foreign tourists caught in random gunfire.
But clearly the gunmen — some of whom strode casually through their targets in khakis and T-shirts — came ready for a siege.
“They have AK-47s and grenades. They have bags full of grenades and have come fully prepared,” said Maj. Gen. R.K. Hooda.

Indian commandoes kill last 3 gunmen at hotel – Yahoo! News

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Photos of the attacks, here. One of the arrested is a Pakistani national


Indian commandos battled to regain control of two luxury hotels and other buildings in the commercial capital of Mumbai on Thursday after attacks by armed militants left at least 119 people dead and more than 300 wounded. Meantime, the country’s prime minister blamed neighboring countries for the brazen attacks.

“The situation is still not under control and we are trying to flush out any more terrorists hiding inside the two hotels,” said Vilasrao Deshmukh, chief minister of Maharashtra state which is home to Mumbai.

(…) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed militants from neighboring countries — usually meaning Pakistan — raising fears of renewed tension between the nuclear-armed rivals.

“It is evident that the group which carried out these attacks, based outside the country, had come with single-minded determination to create havoc in the commercial capital of the country,” he said in a televised address.

The attacks show the terrorists have changed their strategies:

while the attack was highly organised, it was not necessarily that advanced in terms of technology, with automatic weapons and grenades. It had more the look of a small-scale guerrilla war than a typical al-Qaeda attack.

A group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the attacks but little is known of it.

The men were of South Asian appearance and reportedly spoke Hindi, indicating they originated in India.

Attacks over recent years have seen a variety of different groups named, particularly the Indian Mujahideen who had apparently threatened to attack Mumbai in September, claiming that Muslims had been harassed.

The authorities have often pointed the finger at the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, believing that other groups like the Indian Mujahideen are a front for this banned organisation.

The BBC has some interesting videos, too.


Probe into UK charities funding terrorism in India

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An umbrella organisation representing over 300 Hindu outfits in the UK on Sunday appealed to the government to probe into reports about British charities suspected of sending funds to terrorist groups in Pakistan that have been launching attacks against India.

The appeal by Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) comes in the wake of serial bombings in Gujarat in which at least 45 people were killed.

The HFB requested Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to order a probe into reports of British charities sending funds to Pakistan-based terrorist groups.

Indian authorities have said the Indian Mujahideen, which claimed responsibility for the attacks, seems to be a front outfit for terrorist organisations operating out of Pakistan.

“India has been suffering from terror attacks by Islamic militants for many years. The Ahmedabad blasts that killed 45 people yesterday are not isolated. There have been several other blasts that have taken place recently in Jaipur, Bangalore and other places,” HFB secretary general Ramesh Kallidai said.

“But what is of great concern to British Indians is that there have been several reports of British charities sending money to Pakistan that are being diverted to terrorism against India.”

‘Probe into UK charities funding terrorism in India’- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times.

via Islamic terrorism.

Related How Britain helps Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas (Harakat Al Muqawama Al Islamiyya or Islamic Resistance Movement) is listed by the US as a terrorist organization. Even though Hamas has been responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians, it is not on Britain’s list of proscribed organizations.

The UK government officially boycotts Hamas, but its failure to officially list it as a terrorist organiziation allows many individuals, such as Azzam Tamimi and others connected with Islam Expo, to shill for the terror group.

Additionally, Britain allows the charity Interpal to operate legally and qualify for tax reductions. On August 22, 2003, the US government designated Interpal as a terrorist entity, stating that it gathered funds for the Hamas terror group. Not surprisingly Ibrahim Hewitt, who is chairman of Interpal, chaired a seminar at the 2008 Islam Expo.

Azzam Tamimi is so openly supportive of Hamas that the Malaysian news agency, Bernama, referred to him in July 2006 as a “Hamas special envoy”.

Azzam Tamimi is a Palestinian by birth, and on November 2, 2004 he appeared on a BBC show entitled Hardtalk. Here, in response to the comment “..continuing violence – that’s what Hamas and your friends in Hamas speaks for?” Tamimi said: “We don’t call it ‘violence’. We call it ‘legitimate struggle’; we call it ‘jihad’ …” Later in the interview, he was asked about Hamas’ suicide bombings in ISrael, and answered: “If I have the opportunity I would do it .. If I can go to Palestine and sacrifice myself I would do it. Why not?”

(…) This year’s Islam Expo was held in the large exhibition complex at Olympia in West London. Islam Expo 2008 aimed to: “Introduce the British public to Islam as a global culture and faith that spans continents, races and languages”, to “Shed light over the Islamic civilisation’s great achievements in the various fields of knowledge; from science to technology and from art to literature,” to “Create stronger foundations for Muslims to understand their heritage and develop their identity as major pioneers of human civilisation,” “Combat the myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings of Islam,” “Encourage positive interaction between Muslims and the different races and cultures of British society. Working towards a more open, tolerant and pluralistic Britain,” and “Promote multi-culturalism as an enrichment of British identity.”

Several well-known speakers were invited. These included American lecturer John Esposito. Another guest, Robert Leiken, was in 2007 a co-author of an article entitled: “The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood.” Leiken bizarrely argued that Western governments should negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood because it was not as violent as Al Qaeda.

As well as having Muslim and non-Muslim politicians attending the event, there were stalls representing foreign governments such as Sudan’s genocidal regime and also Iran.

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