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‘Honour killing’ sentence against Pakistani upheld

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An Italian court of appeal upheld on Friday a 30-year prison sentence for a Pakistani father who murdered his daughter in a so-called honour killing in 2006.

The young woman’s two brothers-in-law, who were also jailed for 30 years for their part in her death, saw their sentence reduced to 17 years, Sky TG24 news channel reported. The stabbed body of Hina Saleem, 21, was found buried in the garden of the family home in Sarezzo, near the northern city of Brescia, on August 11, 2006.

Ms Saleem, who reportedly refused an arranged marriage with a cousin, had been estranged from her family and lived with her Italian boyfriend Giuseppe Tempini.

via ‘Honour killing’ sentence against Pakistani upheld -DAWN – Top Stories; December 06, 2008.

Meanwhile this is at least surprising:

Eight United Nations agencies have co-sponsored the first Palestinian ‘festival’ to combat violence against women, driving home the message that so-called “honour killings” have nothing to do with honour and seeking to break the conspiracy of silence surrounding domestic abuse.

“It is time for action, not words,” UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) Program Manager in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Alia’ Al-Yassir said in the inaugural speech of the festival held, Thursday, in Ramallah. “UN agencies are working as one on this issue and supporting civil societies in their efforts to end violence against women

Well, I don’t think that a “festival” is going to change anything, least if organised by UN. But it’s something refreshing to see some people in those places really worried about this.

Then there is also this other statement:

“Islam does not permit illicit relationship, but killing a girl for this reason is a cold-blooded murder and is a serious offence under the Islamic law,” chairman of Shariyat Court Maulana Irfan Mufti Zulfikar said.

There are so many people going against Islam, then… Of course, this man is from India and was ruling in a case where a girl was killed out of honor.


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December 7, 2008 at 9:53 am

Hamas leader says he is ready to talk to Obama

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Hamas is ready to open talks with U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, who must deal with the Palestinian militant group if he wants to address the wider conflict in the Middle East, the group’s leader said in an interview broadcast Saturday.

Khaled Mashaal said that Hamas is ready for dialogue with Obama and his new administration “on the basis that the American administration respects our rights and our options.”

Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip since seizing power by force in June 2007 from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement.

The administration of President George W. Bush has boycotted the Islamic militants, as has most of the international community. Hamas refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.

The American administration, if they want to deal with the region, Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, they have no other option than deal with Hamas because we are a real force on the ground, effective,” Mashaal told Sky News from Damascus, Syria.

via Hamas leader says he is ready to talk to Obama –

Great disposition to negotiate: menace with your force and announce you’re never going to change your positions…

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November 11, 2008 at 4:16 pm

islamo-nazism: Egyptian female lawyer: Arab men should rape Israeli women as a means to fight Israel

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Woman: They (the Israelis) abuse the Arabs’ rights and steal their lands, and a land thief is no different than he who hurts one’s honor. I think it’s a new kind of struggle.

Man: Does the licence to hurt them also include rape?

Woman: No, sexual harassment… I want to say that they (Israeli women) have no right to react. That’s my opinion. That’s my claim. They (the Arabs) won’t be the initiators, because those who bare the struggle have a high moral standard.

via islamo-nazism: Egyptian female lawyer: Arab men should rape Israeli women as a means to fight Israel

via scaramouche.

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November 6, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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Hamas passes on letter to captive Israeli soldier

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Palestinian militant group Hamas has passed on a “personal” letter to captive Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit from his family, his father Noam and a Hamas spokesman said on Friday.

It was the first letter to reach him from his family, although Schalit has been able to send a trickle of messages home since he was snatched by Palestinian militants in a cross-border raid near Gaza in June 2006.

The letter was given to the soldier last month, Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha said.

Noam Schalit said the letter was “personal” and did not detail its contents.

via Hamas passes on letter to captive Israeli soldier – Yahoo! News

Just pray a little for him: he really needs it.

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October 25, 2008 at 9:11 pm

Hezbollah using Lebanon’s period of calm to rearm

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Iran is halfway to a nuclear bomb, and Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria are using the status-quo to significantly rearm, the head of the Israeli military intelligence research division said, according to media reports.

Hezbollah using Lebanon’s period of calm to rearm: report | Ya Libnan | Lebanon News Live from Beirut.

This is surprising (no, not the least…)… As these other news aren’t either:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are among several Arab leaders considered enemies of Al-Qaeda, according to a new video released by the terror network.

Their names are included on a list of enemies in the video released by Al-Qaeda’s production arm, al-Sahab, on the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The old war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims continues…

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September 23, 2008 at 8:17 pm

Barack Obama’s Islamist ties to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah (I)

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Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama is currently hiding his anti-Israel views in order to get elected, according to a well-known anti-Israel activist. The activist, Ali Abunimah, claimed to know Obama well and to have met him on numerous occasions at pro-Palestinian events in Chicago.

In an article he penned for the anti-Israeli website Electronic Intifada, Abunimah wrote:

“The last time I spoke to Obama was in the winter of 2004 at a gathering in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. He was in the midst of a primary campaign to secure the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat he now occupies. But at that time polls showed him trailing.

“As he came in from the cold and took off his coat, I went up to greet him. He responded warmly, and volunteered, ‘Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.’ He referred to my activism, including columns I was contributing to the The Chicago Tribune critical of Israeli and US policy [and said:] ‘Keep up the good work!'”

Barack, Michelle, Edward and Mariam

Abunimah’s report included a photo of Obama with his wife Michelle seated at a table with virulently anti-Israeli Professor Edward Said and his wife Mariam, in what Abunimah said was a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Said gave the keynote speech.

In an interview earlier this year for the leftist radio show “Democracy Now!,” a daily TV and radio news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Abunimah said he knew Obama for many years as his state senator “when he used to attend events in the Palestinian community in Chicago all the time.”

“I remember personally introducing him onstage in 1999, when we had a major community fundraiser for the community center in Deheisha refugee camp in the occupied West Bank,” he recounted. “And that’s just one example of how Barack Obama used to be very comfortable speaking up for and being associated with Palestinian rights and opposing the Israeli occupation.

Barack Obama’s Islamist ties to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah – Militant Islam Monitor – Militant Islam Monitor.

The funny thing is how this blog post begins:

Barack Obama’s connection to radical Islamists such as Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah have received scant media attention.

Of course, publicity against Obama always gets scant media attention... Here is another thing it’s not going to get a lot of media attention… How many media attention would that have IF McCain or Palin would have done it, wouldn’t it?

(I) Sultan Knish has more about Obama’s views on Israel.

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September 23, 2008 at 11:38 am

Terrorism Financing Case Gets 2nd Trial

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The government’s largest terrorism financing case returned to a courtroom in Dallas this week as prosecutors once again try to secure criminal convictions against five men for allegedly raising more than $12 million in what investigators call “blood money” to support overseas suicide bombings.

The case against former leaders of the Holy Land Foundation, a Texas charity that authorities shuttered seven years ago because of its alleged links to the militant Palestinian group Hamas, comes nearly a year after a previous trial ended in disappointment for the government. Jurors acquitted one man outright on 31 charges and deadlocked on charges against the others. Senior U.S. District Judge A. Joe Fish declared a mistrial in October 2007.

Terrorism Financing Case Gets 2nd Trial –

We will see how this ends.

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September 21, 2008 at 4:50 pm